Club Rules

  1. NO bitches in season permitted on or near the training ground
  2. NO dog allowed on the ground without a lead, unless under the supervision of an Instructor.
  3. NO children other than child handlers permitted on the training ground.
  4. Dogs not to be left unattended, tied to a car or in the vicinity of the clubhouse or left in the care of small children.
  5. Dog droppings must be cleaned up IMMEDIATELY.
  6. A dog that has bitten or, in the opinion of the training panel, shows an extreme tendency of unprovoked aggression towards people and/or dogs, MUST be muzzled. Members have the right of appeal against muzzling if it can be proved, beyond doubt, that the dog was provoked. Removal of a muzzle will be decided by the committee, at the recommendation of the Training Panel.
  7. No SMOKING in class or the Clubhouse.
  8. NO hitting a dog except when trying to prevent a fight or prevent a dog biting a person.
  9. Handlers must be a FINANCIAL MEMBER of the club to attend training and use the club facilities.
  10. All members must wear their current membership card when attending training.
  11. Dogs are allowed in the Clubhouse (excluding areas set aside for the preparation or serving of food), except on such days as committee considers inappropriate. No dogs are to be in the Office, except those belonging to Club members working there.
  12. Any dog showing visible signs of any DISEASE or DISABILITY will be asked to leave training ground and seek veterinary advice.