Vision, Mission & Values

Welcome to our club's Vision, Mission, and Values page, where we lay the foundation for what we stand for, where we're headed, and how we plan to get there. These elements form the heart and soul of our club, shaping our purpose and direction.

At Knox Obedience Dog Club, we are more than just a gathering of like-minded individuals.  We are a community united by a shared passion and a collective commitment to make a positive impact.
Our Vision, Mission, and Values are not just words on a page; they represent our unwavering commitment to our members, our goals, and the world we aim to influence.

Our VISION is to:
Build a strong community of well-behaved happy dogs and confident dog owners
Achieve a community where well-trained dogs and owners are the norm
Foster a healthy and balanced relationship between owners and their dogs
Provide a universal understanding that dog training is a never-ending learning journey for dog owners

Our MISSION is to:
Inform people about dog training and responsible dog ownership
Train dog owners to train their dog
Teach owners how to train dogs which are well-socialised with other people and other dogs
Teach owners how to communicate with, and understand, their dog
Provide the opportunity for people to socialise their dogs in a controlled and caring manner
Provide the opportunity and instruction for people to train their dogs in general obedience and dog sport activities
Promote engagement, respect and clear communication between each dog and its owner
Promote an understanding that encouragement is better than forceful dog training methods
Provide inspiration, training and support to our instructors and other volunteers at the club
Advocate for more dog training within the local community
Provide our services at an affordable cost to club members
Operate as a not-for-profit organisation

Our club’s 50+ year history of service to the community
The contributions of all our volunteers
Personal and club management integrity
Engagement and clear communication between our instructors, our management committee and other club members
Clear communication between the club, local council and other users of Knox Park
Adoption of improved training and management techniques
Respect for club members and their personal and training journeys
Problem solving, flexibility and empathy
Thinking critically and open-mindedly
Humane treatment of dogs at all times